Posted by on October 11, 2018

10 Classic Drum Keys & Drum Torque Keys ….

Don’t get caught by the Drum Tuning Police ! You’re going to needed a few of these because it’s pretty guaranteed you’re going to lose them. So if you have only 1 then carry a spare. I would suggest getting a few regular Drum Keys and a Torque Drum Key. Keep a key in your stick bag, maybe 1 on your keyring and ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to carry 1 as well !

The Evans Torque Drum Key is a great piece of kit to have in the studio and live.?This Drum Key works like a torque wrench – using a dial on the bottom of the key, you set the torque and?when the lug reaches the set?torque, the top of the key ‘snaps’ open. ?Job sorted !

Watch the Video for more information !

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