10 Great Cocktail Drum Kits / Standing Drum Sets

10 Great Cocktail Drum Kits / Standing Drum Sets

Cocktail drums kits or standing drum kits were first put into production in the 1940s by the likes of Ludwig and Gretsch.

The typical cocktail drum kits have a 14″ by 24″ to 26″ tall floor tom with both top and bottom drumheads. The bottom head is stuck with a foot-pedal-operated beater and tuned low to sound like a bass drum sound. The top head is played with sticks with a snare underneath to achieve a snare drum sound. 

The cocktail kits height requires the musician to play standing up with one foot operating the pedal and one foot bearing the weight of the musician’s body. The drum kit is easier to move around and set up than a normal kit with lots of stands and a stool. 

Cymbals, tom drums, cowbells and other various percussion instruments can be mounted to the cocktail drum kit depending on the musicians’ needs. The kit can personalised with few cocktail kits being alike. Make your cocktail kit your own !

Want a small transportable drum kit ?

Want to fully customise a drum kit you suit your needs ?

Want a kit that looks super cool ?

The cocktail drum kit could be the one for you !

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