10 Great Gifts for Drummers

10 Great Gifts for Drummers

If your looking for a great gift for the drummer in your life then look no further. Here are 10 Great Gifts for Drummers. I have hand picked every gift ?by using 2 simple questions …. ‘Is it really useful and would I want one ?’

Drummers are usually passionate about practicing and want the best sound from there drum kit. Having spent years performing as a Pro-Drummer I can honestly say that any of the gifts below I would loved to have had when I started out and are still essential to me to this date.

  • Looking for a great gift for a drummer ?
  • A gift that is useful ?
  • A gift that will be used ?
  • If the answers are yes then take a look below !

No 1 . Digital Drum Tuner

  • This is my all time favourite useful piece of kit I have in my stick bag and I would have been lost without one. Why ? If a drummer is going into a recording studio to record then they are probably going to put new heads on their drum kit. After playing for a little time the heads will slacken off (espicially the snare). This drum tuner will always take the drummer back to the original tuning they had on the snare. Ideal for keeping the drum tuning/sound consistent for the recording session.

No 2 Hi Hat Stand Stick Holder.

  • Another must have. Some where over time a drummer will definitely break a drum stick while they’re playing. This great little accessory lets you pick up a new stick without missing a bar. It can sit under the Hi Hat stand so if you break the stick in your left hand you can immediately pick another.

No 3 Drum Sticks

  • Any drummer is going to want plenty of drum sticks. They get broken, they get lost and they don’t last as long as you think. A drummer definitely doesn’t want to be down to their last pair of sticks at a gig they are playing. A great simple gift for a drummer !

No 4 Big Stick Bag

  • If you are a drummer you will be carrying more than sticks in your stick bag. This multi-compartment bag is ideal for all sorts of sticks and has space for drum keys, cymbal felts ?or just about anything a drummer should have at hand. The bag also has special ties so the bag can attach to the floor tom.

No 5 Moongel Drum Damper Pads

  • These small self adhesive gels are washable and re-useable drum dampers and must for any drummer. Simply place them on a drum when you want to dampen it and take some ‘ring’ out of it. Cheap little item and always come in handy. Keep them in your stick bag !

No 6 Practice Pad

  • A cool little piece of kit which is ideal improving a drummers timing and speed. It’s also portable so you can practice anyway.

No 7 Drum Silencers

  • Drums make a lot of noise, it’s just what they do. This drum silencer set is great for a drummer to practice at home and not disturb anyone else. It has pads for drums and cymbals so it’s just like playing your drum kit with no noise. ?It’ll keep everyone happy !

No 8 Isolating Headphones

  • These great high quality headphones reduce noise levels. Foam cushions make these headphones comfortable and ideal for playing with music at safe sound levels. They allow a drummer to play along and monitor other performers at a comfortable level and where designed for recording, performing and teaching music.

No 9 Ear Plugs

  • These are always useful to have in a drummers stick bag. When it’s all getting a bit loud in a rehearsal room and at a gig simple pop these in your ears. You’ll still hear clearly what the band is playing but without the stress on your ears.

No 10 Hi Hat Tamborine

  • Last but not least. A fun gift for a drummer. This Tamborine simply clicks on to the Hi Hat stand and gives the drummer and extra percussion sound to use with his drum kit.

There you go, 10 Great Gifts for Drummers. I’m pretty sure any drummer would love to receive any of them as a present !

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