Day: October 12, 2019 - Drum Cases and Stick Bags

Drum Cases and Stick Bags

It’s important it is to take proper care of your drums with drum cases. It’s likely they are going to be moved around in cars,

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Acoustic Drums -
Starter Cymbal Packs

Best Cymbals Packs Under £350

What are the Best Cymbals Packs Under £350. Many new drum kits don’t come with cymbals so you’re going to need a few cymbals to get

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Remote Online Drumming -
Acoustic Drums

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic Drum Kits – Shell Packs & Full Kits The Shell Pack An Acoustic Drum Kit Shell Pack usually includes only the bass drum and

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Acoustic Drums -

Percussion Instruments

Carrying some Percussion Instruments around with you is always a good idea. You never know when you might want to use it, so it’s good

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Electronic Drums

Electronic Drum Kits

I’m not gonna bore you with the History of Electronic Drums Kits or how they are made, it’s a lot more fun to play them.

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