Posted by on October 16, 2018

Starter Electronic Drum Kits?under ?250?for Kids?

Starter Electronic Drum Kits are perfect to introduce your child to drumming and all the benefits that come from it. Compact and ideal for practicing at home whilst wearing headphones. Acoustic Drum Kits can be very loud. Electronic Drum Kits make little noise so you won’t be disturbing the neighbours or anyone else !


Practicing becomes easy on Electronic Kits. You can play along to the built in Metronome, onboard songs or plug your MP3 player in and play along to your favourite songs on many Electronic Kits.

Change the?Sound of the?Drum Kit

You can also change the sound of the kit at the touch of a button. Depending on your choice of Electronic Kit you buy, quickly change the sound of the kit from a heavy rock kit to orchestral percussion.

Here are 5 Kits to consider. They are all under ?250, are great starter kits and a way of inducing you child to drums at an early age.


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