Malcolm Holmes is the original drummer with the electronic pop group OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), he played on OMD’s hit singles and albums throughout the 80’s. Many of which defined the band and are still loved today. He had to retire from playing drums with OMD in 2013.

Shortly after Paul Humphreys and Andy McCluskey signed their recording contract, Malcolm was asked to join the band for their 1st UK tour as a headline act. Around the same time the band re-recorded Messages which Holmes played live drums on. The song went onto reach number 11 in the UK charts and led to the bands 1st Top of the Pops appearance and top 40 record.

1981 Photoshoot with Mal Holmes OMD Drummer

Malcolm recorded 7 albums including 19 singles putting his recognisable drumming stamp on a catalog of OMD songs that have amassed 10s of million sales and streams. He recorded, performed live and promoted the bands songs throughout the 80s until the band split up in 1989.

A phone call out if the blue in 2007 would bring the original band back together, when popular German TV show The Ultimate Chart Show, asked the band to perform Maid of Orleans on their show. Shortly after, having enjoyed working together again, OMD embarked on their 1st UK tour as the ‘Classic Line Up’ which would see Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Martin Cooper and Malcolm Holmes reunite and perform together once again.

In July 2013, whilst playing a live concert at the Danford Music Hall in Toronto in mind numbing temperatures of 46 degrees and above on stage, Mal experienced ‘heat exhaustion’. Having managed to perform for over an hour in the extreme heat he had to leave the stage before collapsing when his heart stopped and he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Fortunately the Toronto Fire Dept paramedics picked up a 911 call and arrived at the scene within minutes. They gave life saving CPR and used a defibrillator to amazingly restart his heart and brought him back to life.

Mal Holmes OMD Drummer - Smash Hits Front Cover

Malcolm retired from OMD the following year. The much loved band continues to tour delighting fans around the world with concerts and new albums.

Mal now produces music in his studio, creating music for his ambient music project ’73’, as well as mixing music and collaborating with other artists and brands.

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