Best Hi Hat Stands under £100

Best Hi Hat Stands under £100

Here is a collection of the best Hi Hat stands under £100 ideal for beginners and semi-pros. They are all double braced for extra stability and strength.

About Hi Hat stands.

The Hi Hat is probably the must complex piece in a drum kit. Two Hi-Hat cymbals that are held together and are controlled by a pedal and chain. The bottom cymbal does not move. The top cymbal is attached to a rod because it moves the top cymbal towards the bottom one when the foot pedal is depressed. The pedal controls the movement of a central bar that runs through the stand. After that the top Hi Hat is attached to a ‘hi hat clutch’ to hold it to the centre bar.

The two cymbals are identical, so you can put either one on the top or the bottom. Turn the bottom cymbal upside down so you can slide it down the centre rod until it reaches the stopping point of the stand.

The 1st versions of the Hi-Hat were called clangers btw !

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