Roland TD – 11KV Review

Roland TD – 11KV Review

Roland TD- 11KV . When looking at a drum set, it’s important to consider what it can actually do and the sounds that you can actually get from it. So instead of browsing through the reviews on Amazon trying to figure out whether the Roland is a good match for you, read this short dissertation from an experienced drummer’s perspective.

This is about the meat and potatoes of the drum set, not an endless montage about the specifications of the set itself. If you want a simple product description. Then the Amazon review page is the best place to look.

First Impressions

The drum set has fantastic sound quality, possible one of the best that one can buy. But it comes at a relatively steep price.

While the sound is excellent, the sound range isn’t equivalent to other drum sets in the same price range. At the same time, however, one can control almost every aspect of their sound from muffling to tuning.

It might seem to be highly-priced, but the set comes with three excellent training functions and is ready for anything.

Who should use the Roland TD 11 ?

The answer to this question isn’t one of whether you are an experienced drummer or not, but rather one of how much money you are willing to spend on a drum set.

If you’re not ready to spend a lot of money on drum sets, then it would be a better idea to look at more affordable, but really good drum sets.

But if the price isn’t an issue for you, or you’re ready to spend a pretty penny on a drum set, it doesn’t make any difference whether you are a beginner or very experienced.

The question is what are you planning on doing with the drum set. In general, there are three main things people will want to do with it – -home recording, playing live, or for practicing.

Home Recording (Recording Module)

If you are planning on using the Roland TD 11 for recording, it brings a good range of quality sounds. This makes recording anything from Jazz to heavy metal a

breeze. This is important because music preferences change, as do any recording jobs you might have.

The Roland has twenty-five drum kits already, and additionally, you can define twenty-five more yourself. You can choose from a library of 190 different sounds already on the set.

If that’s not enough for your purposes, then by plugging an HDMI cable into your computer, you can choose any sound from the library of your recording software.

The sound quality is fantastic, and when you listen to a recording of yourself, you’ll hear the sound of the real instruments that Roland emulated with the electronic set.

Additionally, Roland’s “superNATURAL” sound technology makes every hit on the drum sound differently depending on where you strike. The loudness will change, as will the brightness and reverb just like a real drum set. Even without any sound processing, telling the difference between the Roland and a real acoustic drum set is nearly impossible.

Even without any computer sound editing, you can tune the Roland directly on the set, as with a genuine acoustic set.

In essence, recording with the Roland is no issue whatsoever, and with someone who is halfway decent with recording software, you can produce professional level recordings.

Playing Live

In general, playing live with an electronic drum set is a huge advantage because you can change the sound with just a few pushes of a button.

In fact, the Roland has more than 50 slots for different sounds, which is more than good enough for any live performance.

Additionally, you can change the ambiance of the drum set sound depending on the venue with just another push of the button. This change comes with all the corresponding differences in reverb, echo and more.

In summary, the Roland comes with enough different set of sounds to play live for hour after hour in any venue and with different sounds for each song.


The Roland TD 11 helps with the three major aspects of drumming — learning the right motions, coordination, and learning to keep time.

The TD 11 allows you to plug in any electronic music player and play along with your favorite music. This makes learning fun, easy and helps greatly with motivation.

The TD 11 also has a built-in coach mode that helps you play any rhythm with an interactive scoring mechanism that assesses your performance after a couple of bars.

It also has a setting where the sound will play for a few bars so that you can get the beat, then drop off and come back so that you can tell whether or not you were able to keep the timing up. The set also has a warm-up mode that takes you from a very slow tempo up to very fast in the space of five minutes.

The Roland makes getting objective feedback to your practicing easy, you can upload the drum recording to a computer and listen to it yourself, with or without the rhythm clicking.

The Roland also comes set up exactly like a real acoustic set, making building muscle memory easy, and making any practice on the Roland applicable to any conventional drum set.

Playing Politely

With the Roland TD 11, you can get Mesh Heads that allow you to play quietly on the Snare and Bass drums, making the sound no louder than a normal conversation. If you want to hit the rest of the drums, then the Roland TD 11 KV has mesh heads on all of the drums — making the entire set as quiet as you would like.

Growing with the Player

When buying a drum set, you have to consider it a platform that should grow with you as you get better.

On the TD 11, you can add another Cymbal or Tom by just plugging it into the module and playing.

If you need more than that, you will have to get another module or mess around with the cables. But most drummers won’t need more than four cymbals and five drums.


Roland is the leading maker of electronic drum sets and is played by drummers like Joe Clegg (who plays for Elli Goulding).

While expensive, the quality makes the price well worth it and all of the features that come with it to help with practicing, recording, and playing live make the Roland TD 11 an excellent purchase.

If you don’t feel ready to commit the money for a Roland, there are other less expensive but still very good sets out there. But the Roland is not dependent on skill level, but rather whether you are ready to commit or not.

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